When using SIP-trunking from Sonetel you have the following service charges;

  • Phone numbers
    From $1.79 per month. See price per number here.
  • Incoming calls to your SIP equipment
    Pay-per-minute (default) or per-channel. See below.
  • Outbound calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide
    Calls that you make or forward are charged at our regular rates.
  • Paid plans (optional)
    The Premium plan provides 40% discount on calls, free phone numbers and more. The Enterprise plans additionally provide SLA,  24/7 support and discounts on phone numbers (prices start at $0.79 per month). See comparison below.


SIP trunking for inbound calls

There are two different price models for SIP-trunking for incoming calls.

  • Per-minute-based (default)
    You pay $0.01 per minute for incoming calls. You can have up to 60 simultaneous incoming calls. Please contact us if you need more capacity than for 5 concurrent calls, as this is the default setting in new accounts for security reasons.
  • Per-channel-based
    You pay $12.50 per channel and month needed for handling incoming calls – shared across all your phone numbers. There is no limit or charge for minutes handled on the channels you use. 


Plan overview

The Sonetel service provides a vast amount of functionality for handling customer service and team communication. Here is an overview of what the different plans include and cost


Business package for phone numbers

The Business package is optional, and can be added to any phone numbers you subscribe to. Here is an overview of what the Business package benefits.


Detailed pricing

You can find a detailed price list here.